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I returned to yoga after suffering an injury a few years ago. Yoga has been and continues to be the key element of my rehabilitation.

I believe yoga was the single most important component of my recovery.

At first, yoga helped me deal with the physical symptoms that emerged after my accident. A vinyasa practice emphasizing inversions and breath were the only balms to the continual fatigue, nausea, and headaches. I began to explore yoga as a therapeutic, healing tool. In that exploration I was introduced to restorative yoga and have never been the same.

Restorative yoga, systematic relaxation, and meditation were critical for for my cognitive functioning, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

I believe it was the single most important component of my recovery.

Despite it’s incredible power, I have found few restorative yoga classes in our area.  I have thus far been able to share it with individual students but would like to share this practice with a wider audience. I believe there is a great need and I want to share this practice with you.

If you are interested in partnering to offer restorative at your studio, place of work, organization, or just with family and friends please be in touch.

While my mission remains to share this wonderful tool with as many students as possible, restorative yoga remains a very individualized practice. If you think you or someone you know might benefit from a private restorative session, please contact me.

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