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Reseach : Knowledge : Practice

Yoga in the Sky is an active bridge between the Practice and Knowledge of the East and the Research and Knowledge of the West.

Research : Knowledge : Practice

Yoga in the Sky provides yoga instruction but this is only a part of it’s mission. Instruction spreads the practice of yoga from teacher to student. Through practice, insight, and accident, the practicioner develops knowledge about themselves. Through research, insight, and accident, the western scientific and medical community discovers knowledge about the world. There is often animosity and disrespect between the two. Since the mechanisms of yoga are not well understood by the western scientist, yoga is not standard medical practice. We believe that yoga has something to teach the western medical community and can provide insight and inspiration for new medicine.

Yoga in the Sky is part of Bethania’s hope to eventually bring the teachings of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and traditional chinese medicine into Western medical knowledge. She believes public health policy makers, advocates, researchers, and providers should incorporate yoga into their toolkit. By working with the western medical community, by speaking their language, by working on their clinical trials, and by bringing Eastern concepts into Western frameworks, it is her hope that a larger population can reap the benefits of these ancient practices. Yoga in the Sky is part of her efforts towards this goal.

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