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About Bethania Bacigalupe

Bethania Bacigalupe An accident several years ago led Bethania Bacigalupe back to yoga. Traditional medicine had little to offer and few ideas about her rehabilitation. She credits yoga as the key element to her successful recovery.

At first, yoga helped Bethania deal with the physical symptoms that emerged after her accident. A vinyasa practice emphasizing inversions and breath was the only balm to the continual fatigue, nausea, and headaches.  A restorative practice, systematic relaxation and meditation became critical for her cognitive functioning, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Yoga has been the best tool for healing her injuries, new and old. Yoga allowed her to recover her life.

Bethania has lived the transformative and healing power of yoga. Her teaching is inspired by her personal therapeutic practice and her successful use of yoga as a rehabilitative tool.

Whether it’s a vigorous vinyasa class, a mindfully slow flow, or in the full relaxation of a restorative practice, Bethania believes in yoga’s ability to heal.

Her classes place a strong emphasis on alignment, breath, and healing. Her  yoga is informed by a profound respect and fascination with anatomy and the brain. She believes yoga can be therapeutic at all levels.

Influenced by the Anusara, Ashtanga, Forrest, and Iyengar methods, Bethania subscribes less to a particular brand name or style than to great teaching. She believes that a teacher should meet the student where they are so that the yoga is tailored to the needs of the student.

Bethania infuses her classes with playfulness and teaches from the heart. Creativity in music, clarity of instruction, and fun sequencing mean fresh classes that inspire. In vinyasa classes, focused alignment and awareness meld into a playful, challenging fun class connecting body, breath, and mind. Together with intelligent sequencing, each student begins to deepen their practice. For students working with injuries or in pain, Bethania provides assistance and space to work with alignment, breath, and intelligence so that your yoga practice becomes a healing practice. Her students appreciate her compassion, humor, and intuition.

On Restorative Yoga

This is truly a transformative yoga practice.

It’s better than sleep. You know how some days you wake up, and even though you’ve theoretically slept enough hours and should feel well and rested you actually fell pretty crappy? But then there are other days where, regardless of the number of hours you slept, you wake up and you feel completely renewed and maybe even on top of the world, ready to jump into your day. Clearly it’s not just the number of hours you sleep, but the quality of your sleep that matters.

Restorative yoga is like the best, most refreshing sleep of your life. Only  in a fraction of the time. Believe me, good restorative is amazing. Plus restorative yoga benefits your system in a profound and lasting way,

Despite its incredible power, Bethania found few restorative classes in the Boston area. She developed her own restorative practice and her restorative teaching is firmly grounded in her own experience. Bethania believes that this deceptively simple practice can benefit everyone, especially in our culture of overachievers, over-subscribers, and over-doers. Sensing the void in Boston, Bethania continues her training elsewhere (recently focusing on therapeutics in New York with Jillian Pransky) and brings the best back to the Boston community.

Find the latest schedule of restorative yoga classes and workshops on her schedule or request a private to experience true healing on your own time.

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