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Beauty catches us by surprise: the Yoga of MoMA

December 29, 2009

There’s such a simple beauty in the

Music Movement Sound & Light.

Beauty: Yoga at the MoMA with Elena Brower, Pipilotti Rist, Cinematic Orchestra (music & light)

In October, I was in New York and had a blast “yoga shopping”. That’s my loving term for trying out different studios, teachers, and styles. I asked for recommendations and ran with them. My final class was with Elena Brower, an Anusara teacher at ViraYoga. I dragged my luggage down and around Prince Street up to the packed loft. Maybe classes of 60+ are the norm in New York, but I struggled to find personal space and not feel claustrophobic.

We focused on the sacrum. I admired the ease with which Elena was able to defer to the anatomy expertise of a student in the middle of class, readjust her understanding of anatomy, and thus change her verbal cueing. Her chic (decidedly non-lululemon) dress of skinny jeans and a billowy shirt were forgotten as I got lost in my breath. Music? Bodies in resonance to 90min of live didgeridoo.This was the best class I’d taken in a year. I bought ripe figs on my walk up Penn Station to catch my bus home. My yoga high lasted a week.

I love this video taken at the Piplotti Rist “Pour Your Body Out” installation at the Museum of Modern Art in February 2009. Lately I’ve been playing its song  “To Build a Home” (Feat Patrick Watson) by Cinematic Orchestra in class.

I revel in its colors, its quiet, its beauty.

Its breath.

Movement Sound Light Art.

Something simple.

Here’s to beauty in the New Year.

Leave your beauty in comments below.

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